IAS GPSC Exam maths puzzles Solution  Aapanu Gujarat date 4-10-2018

IAS GPSC Exam maths puzzles Solution  Aapanu Gujarat date 4-10-2018 :-   Are you Looking for exam puzzles…? competitive exams like Ias,Gpsc,Talati,Police,Tat,Tet so many questions about maths Puzzles. Every Candidate have questions about solution of Gpsc Maths puzzles. The following months are coded in a certain way, which you need to find and then represent September in the coded format. we also provide exam puzzles of competitive exams like Gpsc,Talati,Police,tet,tat,htat etc…..

IAS GPSC Exam maths puzzles solutions whatsapp puzzle

Koyda Ukel : Exam maths puzzles also known as Diamgi Kasrat,Maths solutionKoyda ukel... We always provided imp Maths puzzles in our site which are most useful for upcoming IAS gpsc Talati Police constable Tat Exams.

Maths puzzles for Talati Exam

Read carefully this Gpsc IAS exam puzzles below :

maths puzzles Solution
IAS GPSC Exam maths puzzles Solution  tet htat guru date 4-10-2018


Answer of the Maths Puzzle:

The solution to the first 4 digits is pretty straight forward, and I am sure most of you must have easily got it.

It works out to be a+b+c = (a*b)(a*c)??

The last 2 digits are really tough to crack…

Here’s how you do it.

The last 2 digit is equal to (a*b)+(a*c)-b

If we test this formula for the first equation i.e. 5 + 3 + 2 = 151022

(axb) = (5×3) = 15;

(axc) = (5*2) = 10;

(a*b)+(a*c)-b = (5×3)+(5×2)-3 = 15 + 10 -3 = 22

Similarly this equation will fit all other equations in the sequence.

To find 7 + 2 + 5 = ??????

We use the same formula;

(axb) = (7×2) = 14;

(axc) = (7*5) = 35;

(a*b)+(a*c)-b = (7×2)+(7×5)-2 = 14 + 35 – 2 = 47

Hence 7 + 2 + 5 = 143547

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